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William Shakespeare Macbeth
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They say to him:
Be lion-mettled, proud, and take no care
Who chafes, who frets, or where conspirers are
Macbeth shall never vanquished be, until
Great Birnan Wood to high Dunsinane Hill
Shall come against him.
Than came Lennox and informs Macbeth that Macduff escaped to England. So Macbeth sent murderers to kill his family.The murderers came to Macduff´s castle and killthe son of Macduff. In the next act there are Malcolm with Macduff speaking about the future of the Scotland. They see that Macbeth is a tyrant but there is nobody who can be fit to govern.
If such a one be fit to govern, speak.
I am as I have spoken.
Fit to govern!
No, not to live! O nation miserable,
With an untitled tyrant, bloody-scrptred,
When shalt thou see thy wholesome days again,
Since that the truest issue of thy throne
By his own interdiction stands accused
And does blaspheme his breed? Thy royal father
Was a most sainted king.
Malcolm agree with that and so he join Macduff against Macbeth. After this dialogue came Ross. He is complaining about the living conditions in the country:
Alas, poor country,
Almost afraid to know itself! Itcannot
Be called our mother, but our grave; where nothing
But who knows nothing is once seen to smile;
Where sighs and groans and shrieks that rent the air
Are made, not marked; where violent sorrow seems
A modern ecstasy. The dead men´s knell
Is there scarce asked for who, and good men´s lives
Expire before the flowers in their caps
Dying or ere they sicken. Malcolm tells to Ross that Edward the Confessor – the king of England lent them Seyward and ten thousand men. Ross expkain to Macduff what happened to his family and Malcolm wants revenge. After all Lady Macbeth has a guilty conscience and she suddenly went mad. Her sense are shut. She thinks that she has still blood of Duncan on her hands and that is why she rubs her hands still. Macbeth is also crazy, but he is not afraid of Malcolm. He does not have reason to live. He is ready to defend the castle and defeat anyone who wants to attack. But than Macbeth heard that his wife suicide. From this point Macbeth is only waiting for his death. Suddenly comes an messenger and informs Macbeth thatsomething strange is happening. A wood is coming toward Dunsinane and Macbeth remembers the forecast. The castle is weak and cannot defend itself. Macduff finds Macbath ´cause he wants revenge. So he kills Macbeth, he cuts him the head off. The new king of the Scotland is Malcolm who don´t want to be such a tyrant.
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