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Geofry Chaucer Canterbury tales
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When he looked through the keyhole he saw Nicholas looking from window at the stars. He ran and told about it to the carpenter. Carpenter was shocked so he kicked out the door and tried to woke up. Nicholas said him that he saw the future in the stars and there will be a great flood and everybody would die. But there is a chance how to survive. Carpenter must built three barrels. They must sit down and wait for the great flood. But there was another man who liked Alison very much too. His name was Absolom and he was a clerk. When the carpenter was sitting in barrel, Absolom thought that he is away and he wanted to visit Alison. He shouted at her in front of the window. But Alison and Nicholas wanted to make fun of him. It was late evening, so it was dark. Nicholas showed himself from the window and Absolom kissed him. But when he guessed who he had kissed he was angry. He wanted to revenge himself. He took an red-hot iron and wanted to repeat the scene. So Nicholas showed himself again and Absolom hit him with the iron. Nicholas run outside, shouting for help. The carpenter heard that shout and thought that the great flood came. He cut the rope and he fell outside the barrel. Everybody was laughing.

Friars tale: The friar told his tale about a man who robbed everyone, even his master. He told the people that if they do not pay to him some money, he arrange them like criminals and they will go to prison. But if they gave him the money everything is OK. One day he went to blackmail an old widow. While he was going through the forest, he met a young man. This young man was the devil. The man was excited, he concluded a treaty with this devil that they will share everything. But by the way the devil told him, that he pinch only those things which people allow him to take. When they arrive to the house of the widow, the man started to blackmail the old woman. He told her that it is not important that she is innocent. Important is what he tell to his master and if she do not want to go to jail she must pay. She did not want to pay so he wanted to take her new pan. She said: “Devil take you with this pan!” And the devil knew that she meant it real so he take the man with him to hell.

Reeves tale: This tale was about a miller, who was a clever thief. He robbed many people, but he was a strong man, so everybody was afraid to defend himself before the robbery. He robbed the people very carefully so nobody knows that he was a thief. But once he has stolen from Kvestor very much.
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