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J.R.R. Tolkien The Lord of the Rings
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Even though they knew they might not come back. What they realised is that it was better or give at least a try than to give up entirely. We can learn a lesson there. One should be on the watch all the time. If he is not, one sinks slowly into a deep sleep. But what assures us that we will always wake up in time?
I mentioned the responsible ones. It is interesting to stop at that. Tolkien shows us how strong people can become if they need to. The human will and the power within us is infinite if we go deep enough inside ourselves. In some situations it is possible to overcome the obstacles which may otherwise seem undefeatable. We would be surprised to see that our endurance is far greater than we think and that we are able to do great things if we believe we can. We just ought to try. Here Tolkien probably applied his own deep faith developed through Catholicism, the reminder of his deceased mother. His aim was to make us think about our own lives and to ask ourselves a question, whether it is worthy to spend a lifetime chasing the passing commodities and satisfying our desires for luxuries. He did not want anybody to waste his life.
The Lord of the Rings tells us of the ancient times, about many things and events that took place long time ago. There have been many Bilbos and Frodos in history since then, who have risked their lives for our world. Life has not always been that easy to live in as it might be now. We should look back and realise this. Appreciate it much more. To apply it to these days: we finally live under democracy, we enjoy that freedom, but how much did it cost our ancestors to acquire it? Is it right to be completely indifferent about it, when many have lost their lives for us and for our future? Shouldn't we be a bit grateful for all of it? Unfortunately our gratefulness disappears so fast, we forget too soon the deeds that had to precede it. Maybe if we lost it again, we would realise our mistakes, but won't that be too late? We might regain it, but why, if we can save all this effort and use it in a different way? Tolkien's books remember many noble deeds of those great men, who brought the light into our lives. In the Middle-Earth, the Elves were those who cared for the past and learned from it in order to live better in the future. They treasured the old times and sang of it in their lore.
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