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Robert Louis Stevenson Treasure Island
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All day he sat in a corner next the fire, all day he was searching for a seafaring man with one leg. It was not very long after and the gang of captain Flint (dead in this time) has found him. After the fight with one of them his health make worse and after a few days he died.
Mother and young Jim lost no time and open the seaman's chest searching the money, because the seaman was in debt to them for a lodging. Mother took money and Jim picked up the oilskin packet and they run on. Later the pirates found nothing.

Jim gave the oilskin packet to the Doctor, and they found up that they had some clue to where Flint buried his treasure. Dr. Liesey bought the best ship and they got to sea. They promised to be silent as the grave. But Doctor had been talking and everybody in Bristol knew they are sailed for treasure. In the ship's crew was the pirate's gang in full, numbers. In the half of the voyage in was clear. The leader of pirates was one-leg Silver.

They got to the Skeleton Island. They allowed the pirates an afternoon ashore. Jim was going with the pirates. Here he met Ben Gunn the seaman living three years alone on the island.

While the pirates were on island the captain, doctor and others abandoned the ship and moved to the stockade. The first day of fighting started. After some pirates' attacks Jim was floating to Hispaniola and he took the Hispaniola away the pirates.

In the short battle they win. They loaded up the gold treasure and returned to home.
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