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Jarome K. Jarome Three men in a boat
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I have chosen this book because I got a recommedation from my basic school english teacher. She knew that I like joking and funny stuff so she adviced me this book with words that this was the best choice for me. The book is about 3 men: George, Harris, author and a dog called Montmorency. They decided to make a trip on river Thames. First they had to pack themselves. This took them a lot of time. Because when they have already been ready , they thought that they have forgotten something and packed everything out again and again. They made a plan. They journey started in Kingston and finished in Oxford. When they got on the water (river) they had many problems but they solved each. For example it started to rain, or they could not find any hotel to sleep in.. These three men were also telling very interesting stories from life. These are also funny and very entertaining.
I think that this book was really fine. You will never be bored when
you are reading such a book. This is the best book for people who like fun and interestnig stories.
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