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Jack London The Call of the Wild
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This story is about one dog called Buck. Buck lived in Mr. Miller’s house in California. He was four years old and weighed sixty kilos. He loved Mr. Miller’s family. He went walking and swimming with them and sat by his owner’s fire in winter. He really loved this live. But it was 1897 and dogs like Buck were needed in Yukon, where people found gold. Manuel, one of Mr. Miller’s gardeners, needed money and when the family was on holiday, he took him to the railway station. One old man on the station gave Manuel some money for Buck. Then Buck travelled for many days to Yukon and there he saw snow. He didn’t know what it was. He met many dogs there. Young men François and Perrault bought Buck and eight other dogs. Buck worked as a sledge-dog. They delivered mail to miners in Yukon. After one year those dogs were useless because they were too old for this job. Two Americans bought Buck and his team. Then they had the same job, but this was busier. One day, those people wanted to cross The White River, but the ice was thin and a man called Thornton saved Buck’s life in the incident on the frozen river. Buck loved this man because he was kind to him and looked after him. After two years he went with Thornton to the mountains because they were looking for some gold there. He liked it there and most time he spent in the forest. After a week, when he got back to the camp he found dead bodies and Thornton’s body in the pond. He knew, that Yeehats killed them. He attacked them and they ran away.
Then he stared to live with wolves. And Yeehats also talked about the Ghost Dog that ran at the head of the pack.
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