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John Ronald Reuel Tolkien Lord of the Rings (including some facts about J.R.R. 's life)
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The Cracks lie deep inside the Land of Mordor, the territory of Sauron, so the quest is more than dangerous. Gandalf, the wizard, Gimli, a Dwarf, Legolas, an Elf, Boromir, a Mortal Man and Aragorn, a Ranger, were chosen to accompany Frodo, the Ring bearer, and his friends, on their way to Mordor. Their journey was long and full of dangers. The Ringwraiths, the orc army of the wizard Saruman, who wants the Ring too, and Gollum, a creature, that was long the ring owner a wants its ‘precious’ back, were following the Fellowship of the Ring. The fellowship broke, but Frodo gave not up and finally, after many adventures, the Ring fell into the Cracks of Doom, so Sauron was defeated. The rest of the Fellowship helped in the war against Sauron’s and Saruman’s army together with other nations and creatures of Middle Earth and defeated Saruman, too. The Middle Earth was free of the Dark Lord so each one of the Fellowship went his own way and fixed, what Saruman and Sauron destroyed. The tale ends, as Frodo, Bilbo, Aragorn and Gandalf, together with Elrond and Galadriel, the masters of Elves, go to the Grey Havens and sail away to a land, which nobody comes back from. The Lord of the Rings has remained popular throughout the years. The story has been adapted as a radio series, a full-length animation, and a film trilogy. Many authors have written books featuring Middle-Earth or its creations, and the actual Lord of the Rings has been reprinted countless times in many states.
On the 2nd of September 1973 died J. R. R. Tolkien when he was 81. Since 1984 Christopher Tolkien has been presenting his father's unpublished writings.
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