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Terry Pratchett The Carpet People

My favourite book is The Carpet People written by Terry Pratchett, english author of science fiction stories. This book was his first work. Afterwards he has written a series of books called The Marvellous Flatland. Till now it consits of 15 books, which have their own stories.
The Carpet People is about people who live in the carpet. They are very small that you couldn’t see them. They have their own towns and cities, and they fight against bad creatures.
The book begins with words: “At the beginning there was nothing, just a nowhere ending plain. Then The Carpet apeared…” and so it continues. Dust began to deposit in the carpet and diferent creatures arose from it in there. And so developed also the human beings. They built many cities and now many tribes live in the hair of The Carpet. All the beings had lived in relative peace for many years until the vaccum cleaner came. Some people thought it was only rumors, but now it was true. It could have been an anger of God or just some kind of nature power. But nobody knew where it had came from, what’s its origin or how could they salvage themselves against it. Then there was one kind of creatures called Denners. They rode on animals which names’ tigersharks. They were also inteligent but had really bad characters. They wanted to control the whole Carpet. In order of this, they attacked cities after vaccum cleaner ran over the city, so the people were exhausted and not prepared for any attack. The Denners also affirmed that they can control the vaccum cleaner, and that’s why the emperor of the Empire signed a treaty of protection with them. Then the Denners obtained full control over the people, who always followed the rulles and orders of their emperor. The book is about some tribes which stood up, started to fight against evil and on their way to capital city called Goods they had to undergo several adventures.
My favourite characters in this book are The Braveploters. They are one tribe, that travels always in groups of seven people, they always light seven fires when they settle down or their year is divided into seven seasons. But the best thing about them I like most is that they can remember everything and they don’t distinguish between the past, present and future. So they know what’s going to happen but they are not allowed to tell it anybody.
The another tribe, very interresting as well, is called The Dullmentals. They are very funny.

They are two times smaller then other people but their motto is that they always choose bigger enemy, because it’s easier to hit into it.
The Carpet People is easy to read and its plot is very extensive and interesting.
Note: After reading this book you are inclined to be afraid of stepping on the carpet, because you don’t want to kill people you took pleasure in them.

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