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R. L. Stevenson Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
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Written by R. L. Stevenson
Retold by Rosemary Border
Illustrated by Jonathon Heap
Published by Oxford university Press, 1991

Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-1894) is a well-known Scottish author, who wrote novels, short stories, travel books, poetry and plays. His famous novel, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, has been filmed for many times.

Mr Utterson and Richard Enfield walked in a narrow side-street in a busy part of London. There stood a strange house. Once Enfield saw a man injuring a small girl. The man was Hyde. He gave to the girl´s family a cheque with Jekyll´s sign. Enfield told this story to Mr Utterson. Mr Utterson knew Dr Jekyll. They were friends when they were young man. He knew Lanyon too. They wanted to visit Dr Jekyll, but he was not at home. The door was opened by Mr Hyde.
Dr Jekyll gave a dinner for a few old friends. They were talking about Hyde. Sir Danvers Carew was murdered. Hyde hit him violently with the stick and knocked him to the ground. A servant girl saw it. She recognized Hyde. Then he was looked by police. Mr Utterson visited Lanyon. He didn´t look well. Lanyon thought he will die very soon. Then they visited Dr Jekyll. He looked like a sick man. He talked to them from the window. He didn´t want to leave his room. Dr Jekyll didn´t leave his laboratory for a week. This was strange. Poole, Jekyll´ s servant, gave Mr Utterson Jekyll´s notes. He needed some chemical material. Mr Utterson and Poole broke into the Jekyll´s laboratory. They thought Jekyll was dead, but they found Hyde´s dead body. He took the poison. Then they found a testament. Mr Utterson started to read. First letter was from Lanyon. He wrote about Jekyll and Hyde. He knew about Jekyll´s drug to become Hyde. Then he read Jekyll´s confession. Jekyll was scientist. He spent all his time in his laboratory. He wanted to be free. He found the drug, which converted him to Hyde. Hyde was free and evil. Hyde became stronger. He murdered and injured. Jekyll was loosing control of Hyde and so that he converted to Hyde for the last time and he took a dose of poison.

Dr Jekyll was a serious hardworking scientist. He was very active and funloving person. He wanted to be free and so that he found the drug.
Hyde was a small strange person, nobody like him because of his evil and horror eyes.He ways afraid of Jekyll,who could kill him. The police was lookiíng after him because he had injured a small girl and murdered sir Danvers Carew.
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