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Arthur Miller The Crucible - Final Paper
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Shame is a painful feeling of embarrassment or disgrace brought on by doing something wrong; dishonor; a disappointment. In Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, he shows that shame forces one to change in order to be accepted in society, through Parris’s fear about his own reputation, through Abigail’s affectation and through Proctor’s internal conflict.

As Betty, Reverend Parris’s daughter, is lying on the bed inertly, the only thought on Parris mind is what people will be thinking. With anger Parris says “No-no. There be no unnatural causes here. (pg. 9)” In this point for Parris it is more important whether he’s going to feel a shame than his own daughter’s life. Parris is deared man in Salem, very proud man. What makes Parris angry is that he is afraid that his own daughters illness can easily cost him his name – his proud, and quickly change his confidence to shame. As minutes goes by Parris with fear and more anger command Susanna “Speak nothing of unnatural causes. (pg. 19)” Parris ignores Betty possible illness he actually tries to hide it, the illness, from people in village and from himself as well. As long as people will think that Betty is all right they keep their opinion on Parris and his family. Parris is afraid of shame and he will do bad things to make sure people can’t think that his own child is a witch.

Abigail acts different from who she really is to let people think that she is somebody who she is not. Abigail shows her real face as she “… smashes her (Betty) across the face. (pg. 19)” People in Salem treat Abby as a girl with good morals. She has lots of anger inside her, as she beats Betty. Abigail knows that if people get to know who she is and what she did it will be life with shame for her. As Abigail is not sure with how people in Salem will treat her she rises and cries out “I want the light of God! I danced for the Devil, I saw him; I go back to Jesus; I kiss his hand. (pg. 55)” Abigail lies to save herself. People starts feel sorry for this “poor girl” who had to go thru hell, they don’t know why is she saying those words. Abigail doesn’t regret what she did but she don’t want to be shamed so she starts act as a victim.

John Proctor struggles with himself trying to find what is the right and what is wrong. Proctor angrily says to Abby “No-no, Abby. That’s done with. (pg. 22)” John can’t get rid of Abby. He is getting annoyed and is embarrassed of the whole situation. John regrets what he and Abby did.
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