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20th century drama
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First play: The Zoo Story – About an alienated man for who is any contact with another being a relief.
Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? – It is a picture of a seemingly hellish marriage whose positive and supporting aspects we only gradually appreciate, as we understand how frightend and alienated the characters are. (nothing to do with Virginia Woolf…)
Other plays: Delicate Balance, Man With Three Arms, Three Tall Women, …

Sam Shepard (1934)
One repeated theme is the need of the individual to create himself in a worl that gives him no particular identity to start with: Cowboys, Melodrama Play
Another element is his conviction that the supernatural exists in the worl in form of magic, mysticism, religion: Back Bog Beats Bait, Cowboy Mouth
Buried Child (1978) – In an ordinary midwestern farmhouse an all-American family is marked by spiritual and phzsical decay. A hidden scandal revealed in the play as the incedtuous chid of Halie and her son is killed and burried.
Fool for Love – long time lovers are trapped in a can’t stay togerher / can’t stay appart obsession.
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