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Moll Flanders
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In the Preface, the author says that the book was written with a good intention and that "all possible care has been taken to give no lewd ideas."(p.2)
When a child, she shows a great interest to become a gentlewoman; what in her understanding means to make her own living and to be an honest woman. Much to her misconception of 'being a gentlewoman', she unveils her innocent yet unspoil soul with good intentions and vision of life. What trickes her into this believe is a persuation made by Mrs.Mayoress that "she has an gentlewoman's hand", being just an unsincere remark. At this initial stage of her life Moll learns to work with needle, at which she manifests good skill. Later in her life she could find this of a good use but in contrary, chooses a different way of making her living. Moreover, she demonstrates an innate abilities to be a good learner, when placed in a well-to-do family. Particulary her skillfulness in learning a language or dancing is more evident even if it is only by observation the other children in the family. She gains a reputation of being a very sober, modest and virtuous woman yet ignorant
of what a temptation to wickedness means.
During these years of her life Moll learns of her beauty and subsequently her vanity is elevated to the highest degree. The more she is reminded of her beauty, the more her confidence grows. She becomes aware of this powerful weapon she poseses in her hands using to her advantage. From the beginning of Moll's sexual experience we are left wandering whether love is natural and spontaneous or whether it is a response to economic conditions. "No matter how pretty, witty, clever, modest, of good manners a woman is, if she has no money, she is a nobody; for nothing but money recommends a woman.(p.21) By this is argumented that money occupies the first possition as for the values of the society and overpowers human values. Moll, having fallen in love with the elder brother is being unconsciouslly cheated by getting money for her as a substitude for her affection, as she confesses:"I was more confounded with the money than I was before with love."(p.23) Moll loses the ground under her feet and strays from the path of a woman with good moral values. She gets used to receiving money for love, moreover it excites her. She comes to contradict to herself; on one side she wants to be paid, on the other seeks the security of a respectable marriage-as usual, her values are mixed and inconsistent.
Moll's lofe is not stationary. Her character developes and alters as she comes through the different stages and environment. From the credulous child becomes an experienced wicked wife, taking advatnage of every opportunity that comes into her way. Thus, she emerges on the way of being a criminal.
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