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Moll Flanders
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Her actions are justified by claiming that she was forced to do it; that the circumstances are to be blamed. But to what degree is this true? It can be demonstrated that when being in the height of her prosperity, when she is well provided for, there is little reason to feel the need to go and steal. However, she does so. Moll's character is shaped by the negative aspects of the society, in which the greater part play the importance of family background and how the society perceives it. This is undeniable. Being born to a world with no relatives her plight for survival met with disappointnent makes her a stronger person, less sensitive hardening her soul. However, she is not obliged to use her feminine lure as in her youth she has learned a craft of sewing and by this, she could make her living by an honest way and avoid such humiliation that she decided to undertake. Thus, her accusing the society of having the blame that she has no other option than to get down to her lewd practicies.
To pave her way she learns the craft of using men by deceiving them into a marriage as it becomes her habit or a kind of obsession. Her succes is reached by employing her witty and crafty mind. By presenting herself as a woman of fortune she gets them to marry her. She goes round this so cunningly that even comes out of it innocent, not bearing any guilt. Nevertheless, she is fully aware of these unsincerities but again claims them her "authority" as being pressed by necesity.(p.87)
In the succesion of these adventures she comes to an extreme of marrying her own brother, although little does she know of this when she meets him. At this point D. Defoe exceeds the bounds of reality in view of transmitting the very dire aspect of how far Noll's immoral mind could go. By this extraordinary coincidence she comes to meet her mother, who is by this time a very pious, sober and religious woman implicating that no matter a bad life one has they can become a good christian. A contrast is being made between England and America, a land of freedom and self-realization.
The desire to be settled in a secure household with a good husband to whom she would be a faithful wife is evident and reappearing throughout the course of her life. But is she being honest or just calculating? If "the vice came in always at the door of necessity, not at the door of inclination"(p.140) why than while at the height of prosperity never leaves her practicies? She knows the art of manipulating men and each time it grows stronger. Founding herself in a vicious circle, there is no escape.
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