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Moll Flanders
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In this way she manages five marriages. However, in one case, the deceit is mutual as both parties succed in persuasion of their false fortune.
Moll does not demonstrate much affection towards the 'outcomes of her marrieges'-the children, not much do we learn of their lives. She takes the same standpoint as her mother did to her. Leaves them helpless, incapable to supply their own wants. She uses them as a means of survival.
When she can have no more children, takes a step up in her criminal career and becomes a pickpocket. She excuses her behaviour by external necessity:"Give me not poverty, lest I steel. A time of distress is a time of dreadful temptation, and all the strength to resist is taken away; poverty presses, the soul is made desperate by distress, and what can be done?"(p.209) Contrary to this statement goes the real reason she has for acting accordingly. She is not stealing to survive, but to have fine clothes and jewlery. She goes on to describe this need as "having an evil counsellor within."(p.212) It is temptation that is behind these crimes. In her craft she does not use violence and she is not a burglar: she takes that which is already on display, as is the case when she robs an innocent child. She justifies her acting that it is not much for the jewlery but to give it's parents a reproof of their negligence in leaving the child alone. Consequently, it is to get them take more care of their child as well as a punishment of the mother's vanity. Moll is overpowered by temptation; "the diligent devil, who resolved I should continue in his service."(p.221) She founds herself caught up in a materialistis society, where money is the prevalent means of power and avarice joined with succes. She comes to a point where she does not think of leaving her criminal life becouse of the feeling of safety and tranquility in the possession of what she gains. She reaches the peak of her inhumanity and wickedness to the very extreme. As a representative ot the vices Of the period she arrives at the second stage of her life, and that is petinence. Confined to the prison, while waiting for her sentence, she reflects her life. This seems to be the most important part of her life when she repents of all her crimes.
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