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Remarque: All quiet on the western front
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Book written by Erich Maria Remarque called Time to live, time to die is one of his greatest war novels. This one was written couple of years after Second World War and it was mined like warning. It was threat before Cold War, which he knew was coming. To know and see what weapons and longing for power can do was the worst experience in his whole life. He deserted to Switzerland in 1931. He as author of German literature was added to Lost Generation. American authors and Remarque formed that generation of writers, whose childhood had been lost at battlegrounds of bloody First World War. Story began at East front. Graeber is two years in war and he was not being at home until now. He is fighting well and he done everything he should. His fight started long time ago but he does not remember, when exactly. It was in Africa. They were fighting a few miles before Cairo but they fall short of the target. Victory changed to escape. Russia was same as Egypt. Every day they moved forward 2 or 5 miles. Fuhrer said Russians are defeated and everything seemed they are. A year after Fuhrer said that Russians were defeated at all and everything seemed that they really are. Suddenly came time before Stalingrad and Russians abruptly have artillery and sky was full of Srurmoviks. Luckily, he gains permission for three weeks in motherland. On the way back he is very curious about how has his home get changed. Country seems not damaged but his images are broken after arrival in to his town. Long streets are ruined exactly like his own house. He meets some of friends from school and mainly A. Binding top officer who looked similarly like Mittelstaedt from his previous book. But three weeks of vacation brings him not only love with Alzbeta but also dubitation about complicity. He cannot answer question like that by himself so he is going for advice to Pohlman his old religion teacher. He is that person who is responsible. He is talking about responsibility given by chance to change something. That chance had been given only just by his generation. Generation, whose allowance given to people likes A. Hitler to rule, changed world. For that belief he will be punished in the end of book like many others in Germany in W.W.II. After that Alzbeta is thinking about convincing each other. She is disgusted by war machinery, but she think war is only something like persuading nations to change way how people live. In the end of book is result of authors thinking. Graeber is killed.
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