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Poetry - Types

Traditional classification:

Lyric poetry:

1) The ode:
David - Psalms
Shelley – Ode to the west wind
Wordsworth – Ode on inimations of immortality

2) The ballad:
Thomas Percy – Reliques of ancient english poetry
S. T. Coleridge – Ancient mariner
Keat – La belle dame sans merci

3) The song:
Burns, Moore, Donne

4) The hymn:
? – God save the queen
? – God save the king

5) The elegy:
Whitman – When lilacs last in the dooryard bloom’d
Milton – Lycidas
Shelley – Adonais
Thomas Gray – Elegy written in a country churchyard

6) The epitaph:
Thomas Gray – Elegy written in a country churchyard
Edgar Lee Masters – Spoonriver anthology

7) The epigram:
R. Herrick

8) The pastoral poem:
Virgil – Georgica bucolica
Spencer – Astrophel
Shelley – Adonais
Arnold – Thyrsis

9) The eclogue:
R. Frost – Death of the hired man

10) The epistle:
Ovid – Epistulae ex ponto
Richardson – Pamela
Richardson – Clarissa

11) The idyll:
A. Tennyson – Idylls of the king

12) The aubade:

13) The psalm:
The book of psalms (Old Testament)
Sir P. Sidney – Psalms

14) The romance:

15) The folk song:

16) The story in verse:
R. Browning – The ring and the book

17) The nonsense:
Lewis Carrol – Alice in Wonderland
Edward Lear – The book of nonsense
Edward Lear – Nonsense songs, stories, and botany

Epic poetry:

1) The fable:
G. Orwell – Animal farm
J. Gay, E. Moore

2) The epic:
Beowulf (Anglo – Saxon epic)
Virgil – Aeneid
Milton – Paradise lost
Longfellow – The song of Hiawatha
Alexander Pope – The rape of the lock

3) The chronicle:
? – The Anglo – Saxon chronicle

4) The historical song:

5) The ballad:

Dramatic poetry: A. MacLeish – J. B.

(Štefan Franko – Theory of Anglophonic Literatures).

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