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Helen Fielding Bridget Jones's Diary
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Helen Fielding was born in 1959 in a small industrial town of Morley, Yorkshire, England. Her father was a director of the local textile factory; mother was at home bringing up Helen and her three siblings.
She has studied journalism at Oxford University and then she was working in television at the BBC for ten years. During this time she has made a documentary film about Africa. Her personal experiences from Africa she has written down in her first novel Cause Celeb (1994).
On February 28th 1995, a new column by the writer Helen Fielding first appeared in British paper, the Independent. There was little fanfare at the time, but over the coming months, The Diary of Bridget Jones went on to develop an unprecedented cult following. Eventually, of course, the column was turned into her second novel- worldwide bestseller Bridget Jones’s Diary (1996). As well successful is the sequel of this novel with the title Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reasons (1999). In this time Helen Fielding lives in London and Los Angeles and still works as a journalist for plenty of magazines.

“I don’t drink or smoke, and I am a virgin, so there is nothing of me in Bridget… yeah right!”
-Helen Fielding-

The novel Bridget Jones’s Diary is divided into twelve episodes by each single month of the year. It also contains Bridget’s New Year’s Resolutions at the beginning of the book and the summary of the past year in the end of the book.
Each day, which is depicted in the diary, starts with a summing, what includes facts such as how many units of alcohol did Bridget that particular day drink, how many cigarettes did she have, her actual weight, how many calories did she eat or many other specific information about her outdated day. “Nedeľa 26. februára:
57 kg, 5 pohárikov alkoholu (utápam žiaľ), 23 cigariet (vyymím žiaľ), 3856 kalórií (dusím žiaľ pod tuovou perinou).”

Bridget Jones’s Diary is the diary of unmarried woman in her thirties, who troubles about overweight, career and emotional extortion from men. It tells a story about one year of her life, during which she has found true love, left her old job and set up in a better one.
Bridget’s family and family-friends reminded her, that she is on the best way to die alone. Her mother wanted to meet her with a potential partner in every single occasion.

“Najbližšie to prišlo ako blesk z jasného neba: “Pamätáš si Marka Darcyho, zlatko? Syna Malcolma a Elaine? Je špičkový právnik, prvotriedny. A rozvedený.
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