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Gifts of love (showing people how I love them – with Christian love) – useful for religion class
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Gifts of love ( showing people how I love them – with Christian love) – useful for religion class

There are many people I love in my life. My parents, closest family, relatives, good friends, Slovak hockey players.... are people I love and care about. They are very important for me. I care about showing them ho I love them. From those many people I chose my 10 year old cousin Veronika. Veronika lives quite far away from me, so I do not see her very often. When I was younger I used to spend every vacation with her, but now it does not happen very often. That is the reason I decided to spend a weekend with her- to show her how much I love her. Spending a weekend with her was my first gift of love. She was really happy to see me. To my surprise, she told me one secret. It is unbelievable, but she was praying for the past two weeks to God. The thing she wanted was to spend a few days with me. And it really happened! My second gift of love was my help with doing her homework from English language. We had a lot of fun. I felt really proud that I could use my skills to help my cousin. She was so thankfull that she decide to give me a gift. She drew a picture of me and her. It was really nice of her. My third gift of love was a present she always wanted to have. I brought her a T-shirt with a picture of one famous tennis player because Veronika´s favorite sport is tennis. Of course, she was happy to have the T-shirt. She wore it the whole weekend and , a s my aunt told me, Veronika persuaded her to take to school, too. Later I heard, that she was succesfull with the homework from English and she got a 1. So I am really glad I have done these things. It made me feel really cheerful and pleased to give these gofts of love. It is true that you feel more satisfied and happy by giving gifts rather than accepting gifts from others. It helped me to realize how much God loves us and he shows it to us every single day. We should follow him and try not to just accept love but give and spread it everywhere. God gave us his gift of love – Jesus Christ and it is upon us how to appreciate it. I believe that giving the gifts of love to somebody is the right way. .
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