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The Worst Vacation Ever
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My worst vacation began with a winning of a ticket to a NHL game in Buffalo, New York. That was the best thing about the vacation. At first, I had problems with getting the visa. Fortunately, I got my visa and my plane ticket too. My plane from Vienna was several hours late so I missed my connecting flight into Buffalo. I was alone at the niggest airport in Europe- Frankfurt and I had no idea where to go, what to do. The first four poeple I met and asked for help did not speak in English at all. Finally, I found someone who spoke English and he sent me to a gate number 41. But which way to go? I had to ask him like a small child if he could go with me and find the gate. The man looked quite angry and he was telling something for him in German and that part I understood was not very polite. Later, I got on the plane but there was another problem again. I had a too big piece of luggage to take with me to the plane and I had to pay extra 200 dollars for that. After I got out of the plane in Buffalo I realized that my luggage was lost and I could not find the people that were suppossed to meet me there. Afters four hours of waiting I had my luggage back and I took a taxi to the hotel. It was raining hard and all my things got wet. The taxiwas a fairly old car and it broke down on the way to hotel and we also hit an old ice machine at a service station. I paid another huge sum of money and I went to the hotel. They were expecting me and they even shouted on me why I was so late!The hotel was in poor condition and in that part of city there was absolutely nothing to do or see and the food was absolutely disguisting. My room was cold, one of the light bulbs was blown, the TV remote did not work and heater did not work. I was tired, sick and cold. I put an airconditioning instead of the heater, but I did not know that until the morning and it was –20 degrees outside. The very next day the NHL game was on plan.I had only two hours of sleep, so I was not in a good mood. The road I went on was really twisty on the way to the hockey stadium and I was car sick. I was not feeling wll for the rest of the day. At the stadium I realized I had forgotten my ticket but I got my identification card with me, so they let me in. I had a really bad place to sit, I hardly saw anything and in the middle of the game a hockey puck hit me and almost broke my nose.
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