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Essay on Mind and Matter
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It is better to be intelligent or sexy?The question that sounds in brain of everyone who wants to win his entire life.But it still can not be answered in general because in each and every field of one`s endeavour there is one or another which matters the most.
There are several factors which affect the choice of one whether to be sexy or intelligent is more important.For example the employment in which one wants to proceed.For scientist is important to be intelligent.For model is important sexy appereance.For school professor is important to be intelligent.For actor is important to be good looking.Obviously,thus we can not find universal answer.
And what about the mutual social interactions among the people?It is better to be intelligent or sexy to achieve the succes in relations to other people?
Let us have one look how the each gender percieves this matter.There are some differences between the men and the women.E.g Man does want to be intelligent himself,but he often does not appreciate being intelligent on woman.Woman does want to be sexy herself,but she dislikes to be appreciated mainly according to her appearance.It seems that sexy appearance along with social relations for women is something similar as is power and wealt for men.It is the matter of self confidence.
The intelligence is different.Everyone is pleased when considered as eruded or very educated.It is not wicked when we say:"I want her/him she/he is so bright!".Unlike when we say:"I want him/her he/she is so sexy!"
But what does it really mean when someone is very intelligent or sexy?What if it is not good to be neither intelligent nor sexy?If we were one or another how would be our behaviour influented?I think Man(človek) is very able at appreciating his capabilities.At appreciating his strong and weak sides(atributy).And even the best character when aware of these capabilities will soon learn how to abuse them on his own benefit.
So how can we succed?How can we turn the egoistic demands and efforts into altruistic ones to win our lives?
The solution is empathy.The wishes possesed and concealed deep in mind of one are the key to success.If we can dicover the wishes wich shape one`s thoughts we can penetrate the vault into his or her "Mind and Matter".The answer is thus simple.
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