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People and their money
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Once upon a time, in a village in Phenice a man needed some food to nourish his family, so he went to his neighbour and asked him if he had some. He had, but the only way to get it was to change it against another good.. Our man didn´t like this way of trade, he considered it impractical and so he started to think how to improve it, how to facilite peoples´lives. Finally, he got a wonderful idea – people could use little pieces of metal. It is very handy, it takes just a little place and you can always have it with you. Thus money was created.
Since then it experienced a long evolution. Pieces of metal gained different denominations, copper, tin, bronze, gold, silver, and paper money started to be used, and every country put their own symbol on it. Step by step, each currency gained its own value. In addition, a big bankig system was created. Nowadays, you can go anywhere with a small credit card made of plastic and you have no problem to buy anything you want. But it´s not all, you can manage your shopping just by calling to the shop, sending a fax or by pushing a button on your computer.
But although it has many pros, it has much more cons. Not only it changes our lives but also our personality. Its power is really great. Let´s start with children. Many of them are under an incredible pressure. They are often excluded of the collective only because their dress is not good enaugh, or because they don´t possess the modernest toys. This is a big problem, because not every parent can give his child such acquisitions and thereafter their personality suffers from feelings of inferiority. Furthermore, their schoolmates can be really cruel, especially those, who have anything that is „in“. This is the reason why it is very important to learn children what is money for and to explain them that nobody should be judged because of his means.
Another group that depends on money are young people. Their role is to become independent, to create their own family, which is absolutely impossible without money. But to earn it is not that easy. Finding a job is an exhausting task, because they are young and so they don´t have any experiences. Moreover, they are often badly paid, because their employer turns their jejuneness to good account. The situation is even harder if they have already children to take care of.
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