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Death Penalty
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In fact, majority of them would like an alternative punishment (for example life imprisonment without possibility of parole) instead of the death penalty (see picture 2). It is only a small majority but it is there. Millions years ago, our predecessors were full of passion, hate and aggression. In those times, speaking about mating, it was a way of selection of the strongest father; and “a bit of” aggression was an important way to get food, space and less difficult way of life for the progeny. However, nowadays the aggression of this type is nonsense and we cannot tolerate it. People must realize the importance of life of a human being, they must try to forgive each other and they must stop the act of killing because there is no other way how to make the world and ourselves better. I feel that the contemporary human aggression has lost its original sense – nowadays it is contrary to preservation of human species.

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