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Travel and Tourism (Essay)
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Relating to the whole area of our country, the infrastructure needs to be uprgraded. Connection between the cities is provided mainly by trains and buses. The air travel is totally undeveloped, the only regular air route exists between the two biggest cities in Slovakia -Bratislava and Košice. For the country, the sea transport has only one meaning - international transport and trade. How can we fix these problems, which obviously slow down the growth of our economy? One of the sollutions might be the upcoming membership in the European Union. Its financial aid could help us to enhance the infrastructural net, which includes the construction of highways, subways and the reconstruction of the railway net. Only a highly-developed infrastructure can attract new investors and cause the national (and international) migration within the whole country. So we need to join the european structures as soon as possible. After accomplishing these objectives, we can use the economic potential of our country and achieve the decentralisation of it. If Slovakia doesn't perform any actions in the near future, as a result of that might be the sinking interest of various european investors for our economy. The tourism will stagnate as well. Slovakia will lose lots of money, because the international transport and trade in central europe will take place in other countries.
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