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War against Iraqi "Satan"
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The story of Iraq vs. US war…
(truth is out there)
By Tino
Slideshow: Iraq and Saddam Hussein
Cheney: Diplomacy on Iraq Nears End

"Tomorrow is a moment of truth for the world," said Bush, commander-in-chief of 250,000 troops ringing Iraq and ready to act with or without U.N. approval. He spoke Sunday after an Atlantic island summit with British Prime Minister Tony Blair (news - web sites) and Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar. Though the leaders pledged to seek compromise with U.N. foes through the night and all day Monday, they offered little hope of a diplomatic breakthrough. Even if a compromise plan somehow secured approval of a U.S.-Britain-Spain resolution at the U.N., it would delay military action only a week or so, officials said. Bush suggested the resolution might not even be put to a vote. "If Saddam refuses even now to cooperate fully with the United Nations, he brings on himself the serious consequences," the leaders said in a joint statement. They went on to list their plans for Iraq after hostilities, including repairing damage that might be caused by Saddam Hussein (news - web sites) and preserving oil and other natural assets. The leaders gathered with more than 250,000 troops, a naval armada and an estimated 1,000 combat aircraft positioned in the Persian Gulf area, an American-led force ready to strike if and when the president gives the word. "The Iraqi regime will disarm itself or the Iraqi regime will be disarmed by force," Bush said. The summit, held at a U.S. military base on this dot in the eastern Atlantic, amounted to less than two hours of talks. No more was needed, U.S. officials said, because the conclusion was preordained. Even as they flew to a meeting billed as a last-ditch bid at diplomacy, Bush and his advisers worked on a major war address that he could deliver as early as Monday night. The speech would give Saddam a final ultimatum to disarm or face war, probably within days, senior U.S. officials said. At a post-summit news conference, Bush urged other nations to support "the immediate and unconditional disarmament" of Iraq. France, Germany and Russia have opposed an additional United Nations resolution to set an ultimatum for the Iraqi leader to disarm — and the French have threatened to veto it. Efforts to win the votes of uncommitted nations at the U.N. Security Council have faltered in recent days. Blair, under the most domestic pressure to get U.N.
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