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Why Should America Act As It Does (Essay)
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The war in Iraq is almost over. The Iraqi people are finally free. The Dictator has been removed. And who is the hero? Yes. America. Yes, it’s true that many American soldiers died on the way, but they will be remembered as heroes for they sacrificed their lives for a good reason. Each American life was worth several thousands of Iraqi people saved. . American foreign policy changed from isolationism to internationalism after the WWII. A foreign policy of internationalism means being involved in the world politics and not being focused just on homeland issues. What if America didn’t go fight the Nazis would Hitler still be defeated? What if USA didn’t care about the soviets in the cold war? The soviets would probably already have launched nuclear missiles at us. We were just fortunate that the cold war didn’t emerge into a real war. But in Iraq, we were dealing with a mad man who wouldn’t hesitate to kill everyone in this country. By this action we didn’t only protect us, but many other countries that are on Saddam’s hate list. Let me ask you a question. Would you feel safe in a town without a policeman? Who would you call if something was about to happen to you or someone you see. The world, like your town needs a policeman. Mr. Johnson for the town and America for the world. Yes, America should be the world policeman. America should come when someone is calling for help. The world simply needs someone to keep general order. And let me ask you another question. Do you like cops? When they pull you over and they bust your parties and they when you do something bad they punish you. And usually, the more crimes you commit, the less you want the cops around you and the more you hate them. That’s why the middle east countries don’t like us. And the next question you may ask is if someone else could take this responsibility. Can you give me an example who else in this world is more powerful than America? The British? Germans? Russians? America holds the biggest army in the world and it is also the best equipped and trained army in the world. So why should Germans do it? Why would America need such a big army? To use it to protect the American people and to help people in other countries in the world, of course. Maybe now, some people may see America as a country of arrogant cowboys because we don’t listen to UN at all and we do what we want. As I already said, UN doesn’t do anything to prevent wars or solve problems.
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