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Jerome David Salinger Catcher in the Rye
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Here he meets two nuns and has a really nice conversation with them. Afterwards he goes to buy a ticket for the play he is to see with Sally. Then he buys a record for his little sister.
On the date with Sally, after the play, when they are sitting in a restaurant and eating, he suddenly feels he’d like to spend the rest of his life with her. He doesn’t even like her that much, he just feels like it at the moment, so he asks her to leave the city with him and go west. Once again he isn’t understood. Sally gets upset and leaves him sitting there alone. Late Holden calls his friend and meets him in a bar. His friend is in a hurry so after a while of talking Holden finds himself once again alone. He gets depressed and drunk. Later, when he feels sober enough, he wants to see his little sister without the parents knowing about it. He sneaks in the house and wakes Phoebe up. Parents aren’t at home, so they can talk freely. She is very pleased to see him, but knows that he’s supposed to be at the school. She realizes he’s been kicked out again, gets very upset and starts to cry. Holden is trying to explain her everything and she seems to understand. She is the only one who understands him.
When the parents return, he hides himself in the closet until everything quiets down and than calls his former teacher Mr.Antolini. Mr.Antolini wants to see Holden. So Holden leaves Phoebe and goes to visit the teacher. They talk a lot about life and future and Mr.Antolini assures Holden that he can stay for the night. Holden falls asleep and is woken up by his teacher. Mr.Antolini is sitting next to him petting his hair. Holden jumps up and confused leaves the house. He spends the rest of the night at Central Station.
Next day he makes a decision. He wants to leave the city and go west – hitch hiking. He leaves a note for Phoebe to meet him in the park. He wants to say good-bye. She wants to leave with him and it is impossible for Holden to convince her not to do so. He knows he can’t’ go anywhere like this. They have an argument. When Phoebe refuses to answer, he simply walks away realizing she will follow him. They both walk on different sides of the street. They go to the Zoo, where they start to talk to each other again. Phoebe isn’t angry anymore. She goes to a marry-go-round and while she is riding it Holden realizes he won’t go anywhere. When Phoebe comes back he promises her to go home, maybe to visit a psychologist and return to school later.
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