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Charlotte Bronte Jane Eyre
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Everything looked

as if it would be happy but at the very last moment they're prevented from marrying when

it was revealed that Rochester's wife was not only alive, but she was also mad, and living

in the attic rooms of Thornfield Hall. Mr. Rochester never told Jane because he didn’t

want Jane to leave him, but Jane ran away and early died out on the moors

Likely, the reverend St. John Rivers rescued her, and later although she was still

in love with Rochester, she agreed to marry Rivers and went with him to India. She was

stopped from doing this by a telepathic message from Mr. Rochester. Jane returned to

Thornfield Hall to find that the house had burnt down and that Rochester was sad and

deeply depressed. He had tried unsuccessfully to safe his wife from the fire, and, during

his attempt he had been blinded and permanently injured by the fire. In the end their

married and Rochester's one eye is partly safe after an operation and he can see his son's eyes.

Even though the book was very long and hard to read I really liked it and I will read it again.
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