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American history
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The Northern countries were called the Union and consist of 26 states. The Southern countries were called the Confederation and consists from 11 states. Each country had the parliament, the governement, own rules and the army. At the beginning of the war the Confederation was more succesful, its army was smaller, but the soldiers were braver. Robert Lee and Jackson were two famous generals of the Confederation. The turning point in the war was the abolishing of the slavery in the 1863. The Confederation lost this war, but Abrham Lincoln was killed during the celebration of winning. From this time, the economic of America has been growing. The immigration has been cotinuing in the 20th century. People came to America from all world, because it is a democratic state. America has boceme the melting pot of nation.
During the 1.World War America promised the neutrality. But the situation was bad for the allies and America had to entre to the war on their side in 1917.The allies won the war. The same situation happend during the 2. World War. Japanise attack on the Pearl Harbour covered America into the war on the side of Britain and the Soviet Union against Germany, Italy and Japan. The allies won against, but the world didn´t have long rest from the warfare. The period, called the Cold War started in 1948 and it lasted for 40 yaers. It was conflict between democracial countries on the West and the Communisct reign under the Soviet rules. Very important point of this conflict is the birth of North Atlantic Treaty Organization in 1949. Korean war and Vietnamist war are the examples of this conflict too. The northern parts of this countries were under the communist riegn and they wanted to overrul democratial southern parts. These conflict could raised into 3. World War.
The Cold war ended with breaking up of the Berlin Wall and Soviet union.
Nowday the United States of America is the most powerful country in the world.
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