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História Šurian
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Šurany is an industrial and agricultural town. It is situated on the right bank of the river Nitra. It is also entering gate to Nitra and Žitava lowland. Many different sorts of arms, amphors and Slavonic jewels werw found in the part of Šurany called Nitriansky Hrádok. There are the most important archeological discoveries in Slovakia, especially the small statue of sitting Venus called Magna Mater. The picture of Venus we can find on a Slovac coin. This area near Šurany was called Troya of Slovakia. In the northen part of Nitriansky Hrádok a brick of the Second Roman Auxiliary Legion was found. In 13th century Šurany was an important business centre, especially for its flour – main product. The castle of Šurany and Slovak language

A castle in Šurany was built between 1382 and 1403. It had an important position in Nitra and Žitava lowland. Most popular person of those times was captain of the castle, baron Tomáš Bosniak. He took care for Šurany and castle, too. In 1605 he was already corresponding in Slovak language. A letter found after his daughter Žofia proves that Slovak language was not only the language of Bosniak family but also the official one. The intact body of Žofia rests in a chapel in Teplička nad Váhom near Strečno. People from all Slovakia come to see her grave for over 300 years. The castle of Šurany was also an important defensive bastion against Turks. Turks often attacked the castle but its soldiers were resisting for a long time. Also the Turkish traveller Čelebi visited Šurany and described in details the conquest of the castle during 1663. Turks also have done a great devastation in Šurany. In 1684 the castle was regained from Turks. Šurany hardly recoverd from Turk attacs, yet the new ones ewre coming. On the 14th September 1710 the castle was destroyed.

The town of Šurany

Arbishop Štefan Bosniak gave rise to build a church in Šurany in 17th century. Under the reign of Maria Theresa the road from šurany to Palárikovo was built. Šurany was also well known for its fairs. It was granted the privilege of a royal town. After the revolution in 1848 Šurany became atarget of the Hungarization.
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