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Russians and Bosnians
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A good example of this is Sarajevo, ( a major muslim city) that was known for its cultural mixture. It was the site of the 1988 winter olympics which welcomed hunreds of atlethes from all over the globe. The city is on the Bosinian-Serb border and has been shelled by both sides in the war. However, a far more important reason is to prevent this local war from starting a wider confrontation that would risk the security of Europe, and possibly draw in Moslem nations to support the Muslims in Bosnia.

Russian soldiers are going to be among the troops keeping peace in Sarajevo as well as in other towns in Bosnia. The rusians are trying to improve relations with the U. S. and are doing so by working with the U.S. on keeping peace in the Balkans. Both President Yeltsin of Russia and Clinton Of the U.S., have met several times over this issue. They decide that a good way to improve rlations betwen the two countries. Part of the debate over rusian troops betwen Russia and the U.S. was who mwould command the Russsian troops if they were sent. The Russians did not want teir troops under a NATO command because they thought that Nato was anti- Russian. Another topic of their debate was where were the Russian troops to be deployed. The russians wnated to be deployed in Bosnian Serb teritory, and the U.S. wanted them deployed in Bosnian Croat territory. Finally an agreement was reached. The Russians would send fifteenhundred troops to Bosnia. They were scheduled to arrive in mid-December 1995. Both sides agreed that the Russian troops would report to their own commander, General Leonti
P. Shetsov. Shetsov had worked with Nato in the past as well as the U.S. military and was sen as a good fit. He however would still be technically under Nato command as it is Nato that is overseeing the
operation. Further the Russians are contributing troops to an international brigage that would include troops from France, the U.S. and other countries. After much debate it was agreed that the Russians would be deployed in the corridor that separates eastern and western parts of Serbian controlled Bosnia. In total close to fourthousand Russian troops will eventually be in Bosnia. Many people have questioned whether or not a Russian presence in Bosnia ca help bring about a lasting peace. The signs are that it can. Before the peace treaty was signed President Clinton was able to bring about a cease
fire. This cease fire lasted until the peace treaty was signed. One problem was getting the Bosnian's to agree to a cease fire while gas supplys from Russia to Sarajavo were turned off.
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