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The History of USA
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-original ingabitants were Indians, then possibly Vikings. In 1492 Kristof Col. found the land.
-the first permanent settlement 1607 – Plymouth (N.E.), 1620 Pilgrim Fathers – extetive colonisation (escape the religions and political persecution)
-first 13 colonies – mostly agricultural(tobacco, cotton, slavery) were formed under the British control. They wanted to lessen the dependence on Britain and Boston Tea Party(1773) was leading to the American Revolucionary War(1775), independence from the King of England (1776) – Declaration of Independance - George Washington – 1st president
1781 – The war ended, but only in 1783 England officially recognized the independance of the USA
1787 – Constitution was signed and became effective
– more settlers were coming, new states were set up when sharp differences arose between Southern part(agricultural) and northern part(industrial)
1861 - American Civil War started. Southern = Confederate States, northern = Union States under president A. Lincoln
1863 – abolishment of slavery
1865 – end of American Civil War - The big charges started: industrialization, enhancement of agricultral production, new railways, new settlements, increase of overall prosperity
1930 – great economical crisis, break down of Stock Exchange unemployment - WII. (neutral till Pearl Harbor) After WWII. development of USA as the leading world power continued - 1958 1st artificial satellite manned flights during the presidency of J.F. Kennedy. But on the other hand some focial problems shaked the USA – human rights moowing, fight for social justice, Dallas 1963)
1960´s – social unrest, civil rights monement(M.L. King, 1968), Vietnam War – Watergate afeare(Nixon), moral crisis
Now – Wiliam Clinton(Democrat) – two electorial periods. His succesor is Mr. George Bush Jr. after extreme elections.
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