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Pyramids - The First Wonder
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However, can the decoding of the Egyptian hieroglyphs answer all the questions related to the mysterious pyramids? Let us see...


The Egyptians believed in the afterlife and that death does not denote destruction of the human being but a "road" to another world. But two conditions had to be completed: 1) the body had to stay whole, and 2) the spirit had to have things important for the next life, mostly food, drinks, weapons, treasures and so on. To complete the first condition, it was necessary to mummify the body, which was a lengthy procedure. After that, the body was buried. The wealthier an Egyptian was, the wealthier tomb he had. Egyptian Pharaohs - god descendants - had the richest tombs (called mastabas), which later changed into the well-known pyramids. Until now, these were all simple facts, but a part that is more difficult takes place now. The question is: How and why were the pyramids built? There are as many theories of their purpose and of the way in which they were built, as there are stars in the sky. The first theory about its purpose (and probably the most disseminated) is the one mentioned above. This theory also says that the "underground" of the pyramid was built as the first part of the construction with the funeral chamber in its centre, which was carved into the rock and where the Pharaoh was buried after his death. Under it, other chambers were built where "important" things for the Pharaoh were put. After this, the building of the pyramid started. Probably 100,000 slaves and workers were building "The Great Pyramid" for about 5 billions working hours. The blocks were carved out of the stone quarry, and then transported from a distance of 10 - 15 kilometres by the hands of workers and put one on the other by simple machines.
Other theories:
p One theory says that a space visitor from another planet built „The Great Pyramid“. Sitchin, the most famous advocate of the “alien” theory, claims that the pyramids were built by inhabitants of the 12th planet of our solar system, which completes its orbit around the Sun only once every 3600 years and that these aliens, ‘Annunakis”, created mankind through genetic manipulation.
p Another “alien” theory says that the builders were part of an “Early human civilization” that ended about 6000 years ago. The Pyramids and the Sphinx are their only monuments that survived.
p Another theory says that pyramids were built as a universal system of measurement, as astronomical observatories, by the hands of the Egyptians.


This was a short survey on the history of the pyramids and of the circumstances, which led to understand the meanings of these great monuments.
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