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Pyramids - The First Wonder
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Parker, Derek & Julia – Atlas nadprirodzených javov (Atlas of the Supernatural)
Gööck, Roland – Posledné záhady sveta (Die letzten Rätsel dieser Welt)
Zamarovský, Vojtech – Za siedmimy divmi sveta
Skutočnosť či fantázia? (Divy a záhady sveta)


Every beginning has an end, every problem has a solution but not every question has an answer. We are trying to understand the world, we are getting new information, we are posing questions and we are looking for answers. There are days when we have that kind of feeling that we understand everything, everything is clear, but also there are days when we are absolutely confused because we realize that we are only a small part of an unbelievably great complex – a part, which will never find the answers to all the things which it is interested in. The world is full of strange and inexplicable phenomena, which we ignore or we do not think about them in everyday life. However, there are still people who are not willing to get things as they are and who are searching for the meanings of these things by which they are fascinated. Although somewhere deep in their soul, they can sense that they will never find the answers. However, what if...?


“The most exciting architectonic idea, which cannot be exceeded.” (Goethe)
“The loftiness of the Pharaohs, which cost an unimaginable amount of money.” (Plinius)
“Everything in the world is afraid of time, but time is afraid of the pyramids.”
(Arabian proverb)

There are about seventy pyramids in different countries of the world. In the past, the number of them was bigger but some were destroyed by the ravages of time or buried in the sand. The oldest form of the pyramids is the so-called “gradual pyramid”, which is situated by Sakkara. Its basis is of an oblong shape (126 x 117 metres) and it is about 60 metres high. Its age?
Archeologists estimate it at about 4600 or 4800 years. But it is “The Great Pyramid” which is thought of as the first wonder of the world. It is about one hundred years younger than the gradual pyramid but it exceeds all pyramids in every way. Every side of its quadrangle basis is 234 metres long, its capacity is about 2 600 000 m3. It is even bigger than St. Paul’s Cathedral or Notre – Dame. It is built from about 2 300 000 blocks, each weighs on average 2,5 tons. As Napoleon calculated, there are so many blocks that a 30-cm wide wall could be build of it around the whole of France.
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