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George Washington biography
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In 1775, 25 years old Washington was appointed for commander in chief of the Virginia militia with responsibility for defending a border of enemy. Nevertheless the war was not over, George decided to go home. He returned to Mount Vernon. As an old friend of the wealthy family Fairfax at Belvoir, he was very good friend with their bride, Sally Fairfax. Sally was 18 years old, attractive, well educated and charming young woman, but married to his friend and neighbor, George Fairfax. She was teaching him to dance, coaching theatricals, and helping to polish manners. They became very close, and George Fairfax found the love letters, which were writing to each other. They broke up, but he never forgot on her. On January 6, 1759, George Washington and Martha Custis were married at the Custis plantation. Martha was a widow with two children. Her first husband left her two mansions, and wealth. George was never in love with her, but he was happy with her.
After nice years, George returned to the years of problems in state. The French and Indian War ended in 1763 with the signing of the Treaty of Paris. But the war ended with British national debt. Taxes in Britain were very high, and they were not satisfied with money what America paid to them. The British Parliament passed in 1765 Stamp Act. It required for Americans to buy tax stamps for most printed matter. This act was named under: "Taxation without representation." With riot, British government repealed the Stamp Act in early 1766 and in 1767 passed the Townshend Acts. These acts placed the taxes for paper, glass, paint, ink and tea at the ports. These acts were called: "British tyranny." The countries tried to be saved to hold together. In the other side they would be forced to live under British rules forever. This revolt rose with Boston Tea Party on December 16, 1773. The Americans boarded three British merchant ships, and dumped their cargo of tea into the water at Boston's harbor. This mission was unfortunately successful. The countries divided the colonies, passed a set of new laws and became some of them self-governing.
After this revolt, Britain couldn't stop to revolt. Their hostility was growing more. George was appointed for commander in chief of the Continental Army in June 1775. He needed to set up strong army and to ensure the food, medicine, tents, and guns. The attack was very intensive from British side, which stroke on June 17, 1775. The attack was on Bunker's Hill with burning of Charlestown. The British suffered tremendous casualties.
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