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George Washington biography
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The years, when The America had to confront the British domination, The America had their own problems. With constantly paying taxes, farmers were declined to depth. The high taxes and bad conditions were never-ending. The group of farmers rebelled in 1786. Their head was Captain Daniel Shays, former Continental Army. This revolt became known as Shays' Rebellion. The government lacked the power of the control. The government was forcible to declare fair and right for everybody.
George Washington was not only prosperous commander, but also a delegate. His career as a delegate began with session the First Continental Congress of 1774 in Philadelphia. Virginia chose seven men, and one of them was George Washington. Every one of the delegates was impressed, when George spoke with words as a gifted military leader. The Congress wrote an agreement where refused to import British goods. The Second Continental Congress, also in Philadelphia, raised an army to defend colonies against British power. Thomas Paine, immigrant from England created sensation in the revolutionary America of 1776. Common Sense-pamphlet, which was circulated among the colonists, increased this sensation in January 1776. It attacked British monarchy, insisting that there was 'something very absurd in supposing a continent can be perpetually governed by an island'. He also wanted immediate independence from Britain. Washington called Paine's arguments:"Sound doctrine and unanswerable reasoning."
The revolution and rebellion was too strong. Thomas Paine declared bold phrase: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, among certain inalienable Rights are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of the Happiness!" These words and rebellion turned to the war for independence. On July 4, 1776 the Declaration of Independence was declared in Independence Hall, in Philadelphia. George arrived in Philadelphia on May 13, 1787. After relax at the Mount Vernon spending with his wife and children, he came to the Constitutional Convention of 1787. 55 delegates opened this convention. Washington was the oldest person there; their average was 42. There were also included Thomas Jefferson and John Adams. Important thinkers-James Madison, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, John Dickinson, Gouverneur Morris who studied law, served in colonial or state legislatures, or members of Congress were there. The delegates disagreed about many things such as Articles of Confederation (the first constitution).
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