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George Washington biography
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The third election in 1796 was without George Washington. He refused to participate, he knew, he would be easily reelected, again. He didn't have the intention of proving it. The presidential election took a place on March 4, 1797. John Adams became a president and Thomas Jefferson vice-president. Adams wrote: "A great common voice went through the throng, as if they sobbed to see their hero go from their sight forever." George thought:"We will see who will be happier." But he knew absolutely that he is going home. George was 65 years old when he left the presidency. He retired to Mount Vernon and he returned to his plantation. He was happy with his old friends, family. He was finally home. He took his last ride on horseback in December 1799. He didn't suppose the break of the weather. An icy rainstorm hit him during his ride. The next day he had a sore throat and it got worse. The infection was spreading very quickly. He knew, he was close to death. His last will was to be buried not less than three days after his death.
On December 14, 1799 George Washington was buried on the Mount Vernon grounds. The people mourned. In the nation's capital, 10000 people watched ceremony through the streets. When 67years old Washington died, Martha Washington said: "All is over now..." She died three years later and she was buried next to her husband.
George Washington was very famous person and everybody liked him. He proved in his life a lot of great things. The first American president who will be never forgotten. This biography gave me a lot of positive concerns what he did. Many people would like to be like him. His life was full of new experience, skills and very important decisions. He had to be prepared for everything and hold everything fair and straight. The tourists are coming to see the solemn monuments. The home of Washington-Mount Vernon belongs to the most famous monument in Washington D.C. He is also appeared in legends, stories, and memorable actions. His own works are published in various editions. During his domination he declared a lot of statements which are used and irredeemable. He was, he is and he will be idol of politicians forever...
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