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George Washington biography
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George Washington

Virginia, it is a famous country of planters. This state has own wealth. The thick forests, hills, and flowing streams, Washington's: "This infant, woody country." Many immigrants allured this beauty of the nature. Most families are self-sufficient. The slaves were aided with their work: made own clothes, built their own houses, stables and barns. The work of Virginias' farmers is included in tobacco, wheat, and corn. During the British influence were these products supplied. The plantations had beautiful gardens filled with flowers and vegetables.
Virginian, George Washington was born in Westmoreland County on February. 22, 1732. He was the eldest son from the five children (Elizabeth, Samuel, John, and Charles). His roots are in England. His grandfather moved to Virginia in 1657. Until his three years, he lived on the Potomac River in the small house, and later his family moved further up the Potomac River to the family tract-Little Hunting Creek, these days called Mount Vernon which was many times rebuilt. George's half-brother Lawrence became his idol, when he came from England educated. George didn't get chance to be educated like his brother. He was only one of the nation's first presidents who didn't go to the college. His interests were physical. He was interested in expeditions assigned to map the frontier lands. The 16 years old learned enough practice of this profession and also skills in mathematics. He became the surveyor of Virginia's Culpeper County at the age of 18. George entered business life when he was 20.
The sad circumstance occurred, when his brother, Lawrence, died of tuberculosis at his Mount Vernon home in July 1752, 36 years old. He lost his real friend, teacher and also brother. George Washington inherited this mansion in his early age, 20 years old. George was a young man when America wanted to be independent state. For many years had France and Britain battles about American lands and battles were never-ending. George Washington has received an appointment in the Virginia militia. He volunteered to go through snowy; trackless forests populated by Indians-dangerous, hazards for 21 years old young man. He delivered British message to the commander of Fort Le Boeuf, a French outpost in the Ohio Valley.
During the competition between Ohio Valley erupted to French and Indian War (in April, 1753-63).
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