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Heracles and the twelve labours
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Every time Hercules cut off one of its heads, two new ones replaced it.After Hercules cut off the last head and buried it, he dipped his arrows in the bile of the Hydra so that they would inflict deadly wounds.
The Erymanthian Boar (site: the territory of Psophis, a city in north-east Arcadia, near Mount Cyllene, the birthplace of HERMES)
Then he had to capture and bring back alive huge boar that ranged over Mount Erymanthos. On his way he was offered help by a Centaur called Pholos. Heracles continued in his search for the boar, which he cornered in a snow drift. He caught it in a noose, then tied it up and carried it on his shoulders to Eurystheus, who took refuge in a large bronze jar as soon as he saw it.(1*)

The Ceryneian Hind (site: roamed around the territory of Oenoe in north-west Argos):

This was a marvellous creature that had golden antlers. Heracles spent a year pursuing it until he caught it in Arcadia when it was exhausted.
The Stymphalian Birds (in north-central Arcadia) :
Heracles had next to destroy some birds that were increasing in number on the shores between Mycenae and Arcadia.(4) He found difficult to shoot them while they were roosting in trees, but Athena gave him a bronze rattle. The noise of the rattle startled the birds into flight and Heracles shot them down.
The Augeian Stables (site: Elis, near Olympia, in western Peloponnesus):


Heracles had to clean the stables of King Augeias of all the dung that had gathered there over many years. Heracles diverted two rivers and channeled them together in a way that they flooded through the stables and cleaned them out in one day. To undertake next three labours Heracles was forced to go further afield, away from his native Peloponnese.(2*)
The Cretan Bull. A mad bull was loose in Crete and Heracles had to capture it and bring back to Eurysthetus. Heracles captured it and brought it home. The horses of Diomedes (site: Thrace, at mouth of Nestos River):
Heracles had to go to Thrace to capture the horses of King Diomedes, which the king fed on human flesh. There are many versions of these stories, my favorite one and the most common one tells that Heracles slew Diomedes, fed his flesh to the horses and then drove them back to Mycenae.
The Girdle of the Amazon
It is not clear whether this was actually a girdle or a piece of bronze waist armour, but it belonged to Hippolyta, the Queen of the Amazons. (3*) She was a female warrior and received the girdle from her father for bravery. Eurystheusś daughter wanted to have it, so Heracles was sent to get it. It is not sure whether he had to kill Hippolyta to get it or not.
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