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Heracles and the twelve labours
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Heracles now had to go to the western edges of known world, and even to the Underworld itself.(4*)
The Cattle of Geryon (site: Spain: Geryon was king of Erytheia, now Cadiz in southern Spain, the sherry wine country) :
Geryon was a giant who had three heads and shoulders all growing from one trunk. He had six arms with weapons. Heracles was sent to get his herd of cattle. He had to kill a guard dog, the herdsman and finnly shot Geryon. The problem for him was how to bring home the cattle. One tales tells that he used the Heliosś cup to transport the cattle across the river.(5) Than he had number of adventures on his way back home. Cerberus. Heracles was told to bring the dog Cerberus up to earth from Hades.The dog was set in the Underworld and was very dangerous. Zeus sent Athena and Hermes to help Heracles. He overcame Cerberus by squeezing him round the neck. The Golden Apples of the Hesperides. Heracles was next sent to gather golden apples from a tree guarded by the nymphs Hesperides. In Libya he had to fight the giant Antaeus, in Egypt he had to kill King Busiris and his son. He persuaded the Giant Atlas to go and collect the apples for him. Eurystheus feared to keep the golden apples that belonged to Hera, so Heracles gave them to Athena, who had helped him. After accomplishing these labours, he was free. Heracles then took part in many military expeditions, which are too numerous to be detailed here. The gods granted him the gift of immortality. Heracles is the most important of the adventuring heroes, and was probably the most popular of them in the ancient world. He is a hero of conflicting qualities: he has strenght, appetites and unthinking brutality of wild nature and is subject to occasional fits of madness, but he can also show a desire to right wrongs and perpetuate civilzed ideas.(5*).
I hope that everyone who gets to reading this, will find this topic interesting and amazing and I recommend to everyone to read something more about Heracles adventures and experiences.



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