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The American War of Independence
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refused any negotiations, they started
the fight for independence

• on 4-th July 1776 the Congress passed the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE
written by THOMAS JEFFERSON- it contained ideas, such as:
- all people are equal
- everybody has the right to security and liberty
- whenever government becomes destructive it can be abolished and
reorganized by people = the right to revolution
- the 13 colonies formed a union called The United States of America
• in November 1777 the Congress passed the ARTICLES OF CONFEDERATION:
- the first constitution of the United States (until 1789)

- the American army was supported by: France, Spain & Netherlands – because
Britain was their main colonial enemy
1776-1779- the American troops were defeated by British army in several battles
but none of them was decisive
1777-the American troops won the battles at TRENTON and PRINCETON
-> these battles encouraged their hopes
-the turning point of the war was the battle at SARATOGA:
- the American troops won
- the French entered the war (they hoped to get back the territories lost
in the 7-Years War)
 because the British army could not win in the north they moved to the south

1781- in the battle at YORKTOWN the Continental Army supported by the French
troops led by Lafayette forced the British army led by Cornwallis to surrender
 the end of the American War of Independence

• the peace negotiations lasted for two years
-> in September 1783- the PEACE TREATY was signed in PARIS:
- GB recognized the independence of the USA (the western border was at the
river Mississippi)
- FR gained Tobago in the Caribbean Sea and Senegal in Africa
- Spain gained Florida

•1787-the Congress elaborated a NEW CONSTITUTION (it came into effect in 1789)
- it contained federal principles-> every state had its own government but
all were ruled by one central government with:
- the 2-chamber congress- legislative power
- the president-executive power-> the 1-st president became
- the greatest court- judicial power

• 1803- the USA bought LOUISIANA from Napoleon Bonaparte
-> this practically doubled their territory

• 1823- the MONROE DOCTRINE was declared:
- the policy of non-intervention of the European countries to the affairs of
the American Continent.
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