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Zvolen Castle
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National cultural monument. Standing on a low hill, the castle has a rectangular shape with four wings surrounding the central courtyard. Constructed in 1370-1382 as a Gothic hunting chateau of the Italian type of a municipal palace, the castle was built for the Hungarian King Louis I (the Great) from the Anjou family. To prevent Turkish attacks, fortifications were built later. These were inspired by quattrocento architecture. The castle was rebuilt many times, but the ground floor has preserved its original character up to now. In the 1960s, the castle was renovated after the project of the architect K. Chudomelka. Preserved fragments of medieval panels and parts of fine architecture create an impressive environment for the Slovak National Gallery collections displayed at the castle.
Reinstalled exhibitions of old and contemporary art, applied arts and design, and temporary exhibitions of naive art are displayed at the Zvolen Castle by the Slovak National Gallery. Annually, the exhibition of stage and costume design is installed here on the occasion of the Zvolen Castle Games. The castle gallery offers lectures on art and guided tours through exhibitions. The Gallery shop sells catalogues, posters and postcards. The old halls can be rented to serve various purposes (concerts of classical music, contests in reciting and singing). A cafe and a souvenir shop are open in the courtyard. The Roman-Catholic mass, or concerts of classical music are regularly held in the castle chapel (Wednesday 17:00 and Sunday 9:00 except July - August).
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