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Bohemian Art Glass
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The studio was established in 1995, and is directed only by the Artists and Architects, which can guarantee "The world renowned design and quality of their product."
The process of creating these beautiful art pieces relies on years of classic hand - made production of glassware, which includes glass melting using glass burners, and an exact artistic- implementation, which is trademarked all over the world. All of the works are signed by the artists.

MOSER "Glass of Kings"
The aim of every glass producer is to engage the viewer with the natural beauty of its material, its fragility, its elegance and to captivate them with their shapes and enrapture them with their unique colors. As a material, glass has the ability to refract and disperse light and exploit optical qualities evoking both lyrical and dramatic expression. Moser glassware evokes all of these qualities, producing perfectly executed glass. Moser is ranked among the top manufactures of quality glass throughout the world.
The company was founded in 1857 by Ludwig Moser (1833-1916) in the beautiful spa town of Karlovy Vary in Czechoslovakia. Ludwig Moser imposed exacting demands on his enterprise. A master engraver, he endeavored to create the purest and hardest glass best suited for beautiful glass refinement, succeeding in producing a special soda potash composition, entirely different from the properties of mass with lead content.
Due to perfect execution and elegance Moser became known as the King of Glass, and synonymous with elegance.
It was and always will be a question of prestige for distinguished people and organizations throughout the world to possess some of the fantasies beating the famous Moser trademark. The names of prominent owners such as Kings, Presidents and Diplomats are the best proof of the value, popularity and first class quality of Moser.
PK 500 or Lace Cut
Classic representation of rich cut in Design PK500. The design is named after its creator Mr. Prostrednik* P-K. Mr. Prostrednik created this pattern around 1923 and in 1929 the PK500 pattern dominated the worlds market and eve today this pattern is highly sought of.. The PK500 pattern is what makes Bohemia Crystal stand out front the rest of the crystal in the world. It is a mixture of superb artistic work and tradition, which is carried from generation to generation. Many experts believe that Bohemia Crystal and especially PK500 pattern is to be considered as "the finest in the world" due to its difficulty of exact cuttings.
Cut Crystal is product of one of the kind art, preciseness and gentle had work, which can not duplicate. We carry only the best hand-cut KP500 pieces available today.
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