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Bohemian Art Glass
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Over the years we came across many glass factories and glass cutters specializing in PK500 and finally we picked a small family owned glassworks, whose PK500 pieces are just superb to rest of traditional PK500. The cuts are a lot deeper and more brilliant, very hard to describe, but just picking up the piece you can just feel it - why is Bohemia Crystal is the Best there is...

Svoboda's output ranks among the foremost Bohemian artistic glass works. His work shows his perfect mastering of glass craft in all its technological forms. Svoboda's interest includes three principal areas: designs for production of small series, author’s works with unique features(particularly blank glass, cut glass and melted glass sculptures) and last but not least architectural articles(lamps, glass walls, little fountains).It is obvious that he uses a special pin technique typical for his glassworks. Using it he makes tiny bubbles in glass and then he composes them into strict geometrically cut shapes. Consequently, unique artistic products as well as articles for everyday use are made in this way.
He is one of the few artists who decided to use glass as a special, distinctive architectural material. He has never wanted to substitute glass for either stone, wood or iron Svoboda has always just tried to use the basic properties of glass,i.e. optical features, inner space of molten glass and the possibility to shape it. He likes using the inner architecture of glass which he builds by colors and air bubbles or by arranging layers of glass.
Though in recent years he "has exchanged" the arts for enterprising, he is gradually starting to come back to it. For three years he has been creating tiny glass artistic originals which are used as awards in prestigeous competitions and events. All of his work reflects his studies of philosophy, as well as his love and sense for the beauty of glass material. Stella

Stella is one of several traditional Bohemian glassmaking companies attempting to revive the traditional process of decorating glass. The workmanship is simply superb.
To our knowledge, Stella is the only company that specializes in this form of finishing painting, cutting, and polishing is all done by hand to the highest level of perfection.
We are very pleased to add Stella to our collection of fine Bohemian Crystal and Glass. Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality products and craftsmanship, so you can treasure your purchases for years to come.

Zila Glassworks is a family owned and operated firm continuing a long and respected tradition within the framework of the Czech glass industry.
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