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Bohemian Art Glass
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The north bohemian town of Nový Bor is the very heart of time honored production, as well as individually inspired art glass producing studio workshops. We are proud to have belonged to this exclusive glass house, its extended family and we look forward to serving you and your future needs.
Drinking glass sets, decorated with a combination of engraving and sandblasting on originally created hand blowned shapes.
Hand ground sculptures, unique pieces in limited series.
Master pieces of Art Decoration Epoch -Collection of original replicas of perfumes & decanters. For collectors only.
Clear or colored paperweights, with various motifs within, glass fruit, leaves and flowers.

The beginning of glass working at the region of Zelezny Brod dates back to second half of 16th century. The production and treatment of glass and costume jewelers were started, in Zelezny Brod, mainly by small Czech workshops and traders. Ninety percent of a countless range of products were exported, in course of the pre-war period, by a number of local export houses. The export was aimed mainly to United States of America, India, Great Britain, France, Italy, Spain and other territories which appreciated and demanded the quality, design and sense for combination of Czech glassmakers.
Artistic and technical level level of the glass, as well as its competitive pover, was supported by the foundation of a specialized trade school in 1920. The school has been existing till now and it educates Czech specialists in order to cover the demand for qualified labor in Zelezny Brod and Jablonec regions. A lot of outstanding characters have passed the school both as teachers and pupils and many of them were highly appreciated and honoured.
The company of Zeleznobrodske sklo follows and draws its inspiration from North Bohemian tradition. Due to creative abilities, skills of the trade and diligence, passed from generation to generation, the company of Zeleznobrodske sklo has become steadily increasing and prosperous enterprise. The company was fully privatized in 2001 and the privatization made the link with other jewelers manufacturers and traders of the region even closer.
The main production programme of the company consists at present mainly of costume jewelers made of pressed, cut and pearled beads and semi-manufactured products. The costume jewelers are delivered as necklaces, earrings, bracelets and other fashion accessories which beautify the ladies all over the world. The products are exported by Jablonex Ltd.
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