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Bohemian Art Glass
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The Beranek works was started in 1940 by Emanuel Beranek, a glassmaker who had returned to his native Moravia from Novy Bor at the time Nazi marched into the Sudetenland. Beranek, with his three brothers, used a technology producing glass so full of bubbles that he decided to make it look intentional. This pseudo-antique glass found buyers; however, he himself was eventually forced to close the works down during the German occupation.
During the communist era the glassworks was too small and offbeat to fit into the state industrial policy, so it was consigned to liquidation. Beranek works had it's supporters and they launched a lobbying campaign to save it. The state retreated, and the factory, now stripped of the Beranek's name, was designated to be a crafts centre under The Ministry of Culture. As it was not allowed to make the kind of glass produced by bigger factories, the logical solution was a new orientation toward art glass. Beranek Glassworks factory specializes today in handmade, mouth-blown and hot-shaped glass. The company's production reflects the successful synergy of glass-making crafts and artistic design. Beranek's products guarantee both uniqueness and quality of design and will bring to their owners great beauty and delight. The primary product line includes decorative vases, bowls, jardiniers, plates candlestick, ashtrays, glass fruits, vegetables, animals and hand faceted sculptures. Blue, green, brown and crystal constitute the base colors used in for making. A rich variety of brilliant colors is then introduced using only the highest quality color rods.
All of the works are signed by the artists
Bohemian Glassworks is located in the region of Lusatia (Northern Bohemia), an ancient glassworks area rich in large beech woods and old castles, where substantial part of famous Czech glass products was being made for centuries from the medieval times. And from where comes most of our stock. The village of Skalice itself founded in early medieval times has been for centuries one of the centers of Czech glassmaking and from here also comes some of its very best pieces.

Nowadays, Bohemian Glassworks is supplying its satisfied customers in Europe, North and South America, Asia, Australia and South Africa.
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