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Forrest Gump
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This novel has been written by WINSTON GROOM. The story takes place in America in the 60’s. Forrest lives with his mother in the periphery of small town. As a child he wasn‘t very popular among his schoolmates and everybody thought he is an idiot. His only friend was Jenny who really understood him. Although he weared a special walk-helping apparatus, he became a good footballer and he can ran so fast, that anybody from another boys could catch him.
As adult he went to the war in Vietnam and he estabilished a very stout friendship with another soldier called Bubba. He once got in a very bad situation, his life was endangered. Forrest was courageous and saved Bubba’s life, but afterwards he got injured. He should go back to home and after his arrival he received a nedal for being brave from President Kennedy.
After a long time he didn’t see Jenny, he met her, when she participated in prostes march against the war in Vietnam. They started to live together, but after some time, they broke up. Forrest loved Jenny, but they didn’t understand each another. Forrest Gump started a succesful fish business. Trades went very well, but he still felt, he is alone and needless. He did a lot of things, but nothing made him so happy as the realtionship with Jenny. He decided to contact her again. Jenny announced Forrest, that he had a ten years old son, but the boy didn’t know about his father. Forrest understood because nobody wants to have an idiot as father.
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