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Czech dream
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Two students studying filming, directors of the film Český sen announced what would happen in the movie just at the second scene, but they did not reveal the main idea of it. They said that the film itself would reveal its purpose. On the basis of what they had said, it was clear that the plot of this film was not important. Because they said the main points of the plot at the very beginning, automatically triggered thinking about hidden assumption of the film in audience.This film was about a huge and extremely cheap hypermarket that was supposed to be opened in an impending explosive way. In fact, this super hypermarket never existed, but thousands of people believed that it would. Those two filmmakers provided for professional graphic designers concerned with producing advertisement which also involved special psychological experiments. The advertisement of the hypermarket Český sen appeared in the entire city on fosters, pretty girls offered leaflets, and the television even broadcasted the ad for this hypermarket. The huge hypermarket facade was built on meadow behind the city. It was only the look of the facade, so from the hypermarket Český sen it remained just Český sen which means Czech dream.

On the opening day, a Saturday’s morning, about two thousands people came to visit the hypermarket Český sen. After initial opening celebration people were released to run in their “Český sen”. After this outbreak, the filmmakers under the force of people asking what it all was suppose to mean, directors of the movie said that they wanted to see people’s reaction, or hear what they say and think about that deception. It looked like as if they finally had revealed their purpose of the movie, but what if they sought something even more? Their attitude to the filming was serious. During making the movie they disclosed that all the film would cost 200 million Czech crowns. The people on the “opening” day were just informed by directors that filmmakers got a grant from Ministry of Culture to make this film. Some of the people complained by asking whose money was used to make the film. One of the two directors argued that money they all had to tax it goes to the world in which none of them can be involved in anyway. After all, no matter what the purpose of the filmmakers was, the film itself really showed how the power works in this world. Moreover, political power significantly participated in it. One of the most interesting things of the movie is that the whole project was possible to carry out.The filmmakers also mentioned that they wanted to show power of advertisement; however, they did not show enough.

They showed how powerful their advertisement was, but the film missed some examples of real products that were successfully sold despite they were deplorable. Although they successfully lured many people to their non-existed hypermarket, they actually did not earn only one crown from their “huge shop”. How can they proof the power of ad then? Almost anyone can just to cheat. Yet certainly, the movie was successful. Maybe their idea about the power of ad was genius, but they did not use enough credible means to illustrate it. This work contained all the main aspects of a good film including music, but what would professional filmmakers say about it? Would not be some particular scenes considered to be cliché? They use some means to emotionally impress audience like sunset, or singing mother with her children nice song which is, however, most important aspect in show-business.

In addition, they were able to color banal stereotyped activities by impressive audio-visual means. After all, this film was undoubtedly triumphal reality show filmed very originally. Maybe the directors’ purpose was to engage people in thinking and searching for a mysterious inexplicable point which was non-existed precisely like the non-existed hypermarket. How can be this possible? This can be said based on the assumption that people unconsciously want to believe.Finally, it is hard to even say if the movie was ethical or not because directors did not hurt anyone directly. Furthermore, for some people the empty facade was very interesting surprise.
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