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Beatlemania in the 1960s
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The fans recognize the honesty that shines from the Beatles." "While other pop stars have thought in artificial terms of reaching out to their audiences, the Beatles are giving honestly, as well as receiving." In a lengthy article in the New York Times, Frederick Lewis of that paper's London bureau, examined the sociological implications of Beatlemania and came up with other theories. "They (The Beatles) are working class and their roots and attitudes are firmly of the north of England. Because of their success, they can act as spokesman for the new, noisy, anti-establishment generation which is become a force in British life," Lewis wrote. "The Beatles are part of a strong-flowing reaction against the soft, middle class south of England, which has controlled
popular culture for so long." Beatlemania has touched all corners of English and American life and all types of people. Obviously , it had an enormous effect on America. The proof can be shown in the millions upon millions of records they have sold in the last 32 years that they have been making records (in the present tense because they are still releasing records today). In the first Beatles fanzine in America, it shows how crazy America was at this time over the Beatles. It has life stories, full page pictures, how to do the Beatle dance, and the Beatle haircut. The big contest was to win a call from the Beatles. And at the end there was some wallet size photos for the girl's purses. It is obvious that the Beatles influenced everyone's lives. From the shrieking girls, to the parents of those girls, and the
police officers that tried their best to contain the uncontrollable(girls). Their popularity diminished after they stopped touring in 1966, which was due to the strain and stress of touring that they had endured. But their impact was to last forever. The wanting of the reunion has been so big that they are reuniting to collaborate for a new album. It will undoubtedly be a best seller. After all these years, people still love them. 1 According to "The Beatles"- The first American Beatle Fan-zine. 2 All quotes courtesy of
"The Beatles"- The First American Beatle Fan-zine.
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