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Schindler's list
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Schindler‘s List is a movie about Jews‘ lives during the World War II., about the business, peoples‘ compassion, friendship and hope but on the other hand about fear, powerlessness, suffering, cruelty and death. In 1993 it received eight Oscars. This fact and the director‘s name (Steven Spielberg) can speak about the quality and excellence which can be found in this movie. Schindler‘s List tells the story of many Jewish people who were taken to a ghetto in Krakow without any possesion and clothes, without knowing what was going to happen to them. In Krakow, there they had to do what German soldiers said. They had to work very hard without getting enough food and they had to live in a permanent fear for their lives. When Oscar Schindler, a German businessman born in Moravia, visited the ghetto, nobody knew him. But during an evening everybody learnt about him. He wanted to take over a factory which belonged to a Jew. Itzak Stern was a Jew also placed in Krakow. Schindler got his factory and Stern became his accountant. Schindler also needed some people to work in his factory and the Jews were cheaper than any other people so he employed a lot of them. At the beginning the only thing he was interested in was money. But later a cold businessman turned into a sensible human creature. The change was nearly hard to believe in, however, the war made radical things with people. This was also visible at an unambiguously bad character - Amon Goeth – a German officer, sadistic, unforgiving, cruel and bloodthirsty person. Under the Schindler‘s influence he was willing to change some of his violent habbits. For example, he didn‘t kill a boy who was not able to saddle his horse. Schindler showed his human side when the Jews who were working for him had to be moved with the others to Osvienczim. He wanted to save at least some of them, so he decided to buy them from Goeth. His idea came true, he and Stern drew up a list consisting of almost 1100 names. Every Jew‘s life whose name was written on the “Schindler’s list“ was saved. In my opinion, this movie is either too realistic or (in the case it’s unrealistic) it contents too much violence. It is overdone when a man comes onto a balcony in the morning and shoots five people just for fun. On the other hand a good point of the movie is that it is black and white what gives an interesting atmosphere to it. The little girl in a red jacket is surprising and excellent idea. Although the World War II.
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