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Red Hot Chili Peppers
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The world tour was total sellout. Album was riding the success of the radio and MTV hits as ‘Breaking The Girl’, ‘Under The Bridge’ song in which Anthony recalls days of his drug addiction and ‘Give It Away’ which received massive acclamations, earning for the best breakthrough video on MTV Awards. During the Asian leg of the tour on May 7, 1992 John, who had problems with heroin announced that he is quitting the band. It was shortly before the Chili Peppers were headlining Lollapalooza. Several years later he begin solo career. For the next two years, the band relied on revolving door of guitarists – including Arik Marshal, Zender Schloss and Jesse Tobias – to see them through a series of tours. Groups with Arik Marshal also appeared in episode of ‘The Simpson’s’, where they helped to re-launch Krusty the Clown career. Meanwhile, Frusciante retreated home to LA and embarked on his own descent into heroin addiction. Chili Peppers started to work with ex-Jane’s Addiction guitarist, Dave Navarro. They showed their new lineup at Woodstock ’94 festival, where they appeared with light bulbs on their heads. Their new album ‘One Hot Minute’ released in 1995 brought them back into the spotlight. Song including hit singles as ‘Aeroplane’ or ‘My Friends’. Dave seemed to fit well in the pack of pals. Chili Peppers went on tour concerning 64 shows in 21 countries. They recorded also song ‘I Found Out’ for John Lennon tribute album and No. 1 hit cover of Ohio Player’s ‘Love Rollercoaster’. They also worked on their side projects – Dave on his band ‘Spread’, Flea appeared in movie ‘Big Lebowski’ and did some voice work for kid’s cartoons for Nickelodeon. Chad becomes a dad in March of 1997. He has a girl named Manon. Band also struggled in two motorcycle accidents. They enjoys awards for Best Funk Bass Guitarist, Drummer etc., ‘Under The Bridge’ video is vote #5 in MTV’s Top 500 videos of all the time. On April 1998 Dave announces his departure. The space of the guitarist number seven reassigned to John Frusciante, who meanwhile entered the rehab and got rid of heroin addiction. The ‘Awesome Foursome’ started to work on their new album called ‘Californication’ released in 1999. ‘Scar Tissue’ is the first single and it amazingly enters the Top 10 before its official release date. ‘Californication’ quickly turns platinum and they turn their respective sights on follow-up performances. Chili Peppers also appeared on Woodstock ’99, Leeds and Reading Festivals.
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